Help for T300MHZ - VideoBook

What can be done with this Software?

I created this Software to manage my Video-CD´s, but after some changes it was able to save my MP3´s and Music-video´s as well. Than I thought it would not be bad to play my music directly in the database. So I added the required MCI (Media-Control-Interface) functions in the source-code. There can be some errors by the MCI as it doesn´t work corectly in some machines. But don´t worry you often get help in the internet. I´m sure, if you look for a Software to manage something like stamps, videos, music or anything else, you´ll be happy with this Programm.

What is T300MHZ - VideoBook able to do?

1. Manage all your stuff at categories

2. Manage different Databases

3. Configure any Database individual (Color, names and pulldowns)

4. You can add pic´s to your entry´s and they can be shown in fullscreen

5. You can create or import playlists

6. Playlists are playable in different modes

7. Slideshow with JPG pictures while music is playing in the background

8. Support for following mediaformates: AVI, MPEG, MP3, WAV, MIDI, CDA

9. The screensize is indipend from your screensettings 640-480, 800-600, 1024....etc..

10. Up to 32000 entries (limited by Windows listbox)


Extract the files into a folder on your harddisk, C:\programms\VideoBook\ e.g. If you create a shortcut to your desktop or taskbar, make sure that  the workingfolder is the one where you have extracted the files to. Create a shortcut: Change to the folder, in Windows Explorer, where you have your copy of  T300MHZ VideoBook - click right mousebutton on VideoBook.exe - send to - desktop shortcut. Working folder settings: right click at the shortcut on desktop - settings - in the line of “execute at”, enter the same path where T300MHZ - VideoBook is. It´s necessary because VideoBook does not make any settings or changes in your registry or System.

Uninstall VideoBook:

Just delete the files and shortcuts from your harddisk and desktop.

Licence and conditions:

I take no responsability for any damages in your Hardware or Software which can appear by using this program. This program is freeware and you can distribute it for free. The distribution with CD in magazines is allowed (Please read final notice :-). This program  may just be distributed unchanged with all included files.

First steps:

After starting the program and agreeing to the licence and conditions  the mainscreen appears. The program builts the first empty database named “CD-Video”. Before you can add any entries  you have to create a new category ( look at functions overview). The database does not use the categories names, only their number. The “0” in the categories has a special function: If you select it you see all entries in the database but you can make no new one. You can also change the “0” entry in order to manage stamps e.g. if the categories are countries, so you change the name from “All Categories” to “All Countries”. That enables you to give an individual look to your database.

After saving the changes in setup, you will be back at the mainscreen. Now select your new created category ((f)-see below) and create with the button “New (h)” a new entry. Enter the name in the editbox (m) which will appear in the listbox (n) after pressing `enter´. If you wish to add a picture to the entry, use the button “PIC” (u). Shall instead of a notice a playlist be added, use the button“Edit (w)”. All changings will be taken, while you press `enter´ in an editbox or click a button.

Function - overview :



Save / unsave mode - to avoid unexpected changings in actual database.


Name of actual database (Count of entries)


Changing the database


Create a new database


Setup the actual database


Showing and quickchoice of categories


Open search-window


Create a new entry in the actual category


Remove the selected entry from the listbox (n) into an other category


Delete the selected entry from listbox (n).(Pic´s, playlist´s are not deleted from the harddisk)


Editbox for titles will be actualised by pushing enter.


This listbox shows the titles of the actual selected category (f) from A to Z


Description of the editboxes (may be changed in setupscreen)


Choiceboxes (may be filled in setupscreen)


Show the playlist (if existing) - you have a noticefield alternatively


Play the selected file of the playlist (q) and repeat it


Start playing with selected file of playlist (q) and continue with the next one (repeat all)


Play the playlist and search for the next one at the titlelist (n) (repeat all)


Add a picture to the actual selected entry at the titellist (n)


Stretch image to full screen


Start the playlist-editor


Show the added image


Save entries to the database and exit T300MHZ - VideoBook


Minimize T300MHZ - VideoBook

Setup :



Increase the counter of the choicebox


Reduce the counter of the choicebox


Write the entry at the actual counter position


Here you can change the designation of the fields


Color of designations


Color of the window-background


Slider to adjust the color (you can see it in the preview)


With the save-button you´ll save the changes for the actual database

Create Playlist´s:



Here you see the files of the playlist. With one right-click at an entry you can delete them  from playlist.


Here all the supported files of the selected folder are shown. With one right-klick on an entry you can add them to the playlist


If you wish to see a slideshow while music is playing, you can select a folder with JPG-Pictures (not at AVI and MPG) here. The Checkbox activates the slideshow. At `seconds´ you set the time a picture is shown.


Select the source-path


With `import´ you are able to import a playlist from other software too. All supported files will be added.


With `save´ you will write it on the harddisk and add it to the selected title. If you wish to delete the playlist, you only have to clear the playlist completly, and save it again.

Search in the actual database:



Only the marked items will be considered.


Enter the text to search for


Start searching


Later on a print-option will be added here.That´s why the design is a little bit strange.

Known limits or bugs:

The software will be tested with WinME(at P3 1000Mhz) , Win98(at AthlonTB 1400Mhz) and Win98SE(at AthlonTB 1333Mhz). Some times I recognized that wrong information is shown to the titles when I click too fast in the title-listbox. I think this bug will be killed within one of the next versions. I also think, this bug is shown stronger on slower machines. Help: Wait for correct information before clicking the next entry.

Because the NViewDLL is not developed furthermore, you have limits by showing or opening some graphic-files.I don´t know  why some pictures can´t be opened. As I´m not able to catch the errormessages from NViewDLL, it´s posible to have heavy errors during the slideshow. Help: convert the pictures with a graphic tool from Internet like IrvanView32 (it´s freeware too) into another folder.

Specially the MCI causes immenses trouble. One time it starts without problems, another time you have no displayed video (sound only) by using the DIVX-codec. Help: I reinstalled the DIVX-codec again, then it worked without any problems at my machine. I get more help from the internet concerning troubles in mmsystem.dll. I looked for the errormessage mmsystem296 in a searchengine like www.google.com and found the answer. There I also found help for other errormessages.

Because the program is supporting several fileformats in one playlist, I have created an own extension to the playlists. Not all Mediaplayers support the mixing of MP3 and AVI e.g. Besides the first line has a special function if you are using the slideshow option, which is not playable..

Final Notice :

I will go a new way, to exclude the possibility that Freeware becomes Shareware. Everyone may use this software and share it without limits. I will give to all who like this program and want to use it  the possibility to get registered with a fee of 1.-US-$ or 1.-Euro. I guarantee for all registered users to get the full version (if it changes to shareware) of T300MHZ - VideoBook including future versions for free. Only members who are registered in my homepage (www.t300mhz.de) before it became Shareware, have this possibility. The more users are registered for this software, the smaller the possibility is to become a Shareware.

Register :

The registry is done by bank transfer of 1,00 US $ or 1,00 Euro to the following account

Kreissparkasse Reutlingen

Account owner: T300MHZ.

banking code: 640 500 00

Account no.107 092 9

At “purpose” state the name of the program and an individual code, e.g. your e-mail adress or something else.

These dates will not be passed on to others.

Future planed programs:

I will create a 3D-compressions-manager which  will able to shrink compressed files. I will attempt that a  700MB file is compressed to 10MB without any losses. I´m not yet able to explain the exact way, because it needs too much space and time. The compressor will probably have a size of about 20MB, while the compressor is working on a referencebase. Only one copy of this is necessary to compress all files. I give some messages of the status at my homepage www.t300mhz.de.

Some games like e.g.:

Volcanoisland: a 5 wheel slotmachine with `risk´

Match it:  another kind of memory-game with timelimit where you can add own pictures.

and some more.....